Pi Beta Phi
Loyola Marymount University

"I met Kylie my freshman year at our first cheer practice and was one of the main reasons why I joined Pi Phi. There's rarely a time where you'll see one of us and not the other. She is my best friend and 'go to' through anything and everything. I know she's there through the good and the bad and I can always count on her to make any situation a time I will never forget. She has truly changed my entire college experience for the better and I know she will continue to do the same and play that role in my life forever. She is one of the smartest, strongest, most beautiful and selfless people I know and I'm proud to be able to call her my best friend in life. I don't know what I will do without her when she graduates, but I know she'll continue to do amazing things and inspire people around her, including myself, no matter where life takes her. I love you Ky thanks for being you and making me a better me." - Erica

"Cam and I weren't close until last semester, but now I can truly say that we're attached at the hip. She will drop anything and everything to help me out when I need something, or when I just want to hanf out. She is unapologetically herself every day, and she is one of the strongest people I know. Camille inspires me, makes me laugh, and is my soul sister. I know she will be one of my bridesmaids one day and I can't wait for our many more years of friendship." - Loni

"After Kadi joined Pi Phi I saw her in Starbucks on campus one day. I invited myself to sit down with her as I was waiting for my coffee. Even though I interrupted her studying, she picked up conversation with me right away and somehow we got to talking about studying abroad. We found out that we were both planning to apply for the London program. I was so impressed with how Kadi was such a go-getter and so on top of things studying abroad so early in her college career. A few weeks later I was blessed with Kadi as my little. Since then, I have come to know the most thoughtful and sweet young woman. There is no one else I would rather travel Europe with, talk to for hours about life, and dream about the lives we are creating" - Amanda